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Tunnels, by their nature, are safety-critical environments. Having access to clear, reliable, and timely performance data and the resultant calculations are crucial to managing the behaviour of construction, surrounding assets and infrastructure.

Our added value

Through collaboration, SIXENSE Soldata provides an integrated monitoring service to address the specific requirements identified during construction and throughout the lifetime of the tunnel.
SIXENSE Soldata successfully delivers tunnel monitoring consultancy, design, procurement, installation, monitoring, data management, diagnosis and analysis.

Our services

  • Geotechnical and structural monitoring
  • Surface settlement and building movements
  • Tunnel convergence and integrity

  • TBM parameters
  • Noise mapping, monitoring and prevention plans
  • Geophysical surveys

Main references

4 Hillslides in Hong Kong

Real-time monitoring for landslides mitigation

Hong Kong, China

Started in 2006, 36 months

Amsterdam Metro Noord-Zuid Lijn

Automatic monitoring of the Amsterdam city buildings during the construction of a new subway line

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Started in 2000, 150 months


Barcelona Metro Line 9

600 Cyclops positions on the new 40 km long metro line with 43 stations constructed by a single 12 metre diametre. TBM

Barcelona, Spain

Started in 2008, 108 months

Bucharest Metro Line 5

Geodetic, geotechnical, structural, hydro-geological and environmental detection and monitoring services during the construction of the Line 5

Bucharest, Romania

Started in 2011, 63 months

Central – Wan Chai Bypass Tunnel

Automatic structural & geotechnical instrumentation for mined tunnelling works underneath existing Cross-Harbour Tunnel
Hong Kong, China
Started in 2010


Monitoring of the London Crossrail project by INSAR (Interferometric synthetic aperture radar)

London, UK

Started in 2015, 24 months

Doha Metro – Red Line North Underground

Instrumentation and Monitoring of existing structures during construction of a new underground metro line
Doha, Qatar
Started in 2014, 39 months

EOLE (RER E) extension

Preliminary monitoring, Movement monitoring of tunnels and neighbouring structures

Paris, France

Started in 2015, 12 months

Express Rail Link Contract 811A

West Kowloon Approach Tunnel (North)
Hong Kong, China
Started in 2010, 57

Fréjus Tunnel – Emergency Gallery

Instrumented Tunnel Sections

Modane, France

Started in 2010, 36 months


Heathrow Express Extension – Terminal 5

Monitoring of the existing express rail tunnel during construction of the new tunnel serving the brand new Terminal 5 at London Heathrow Airport

London, UK

Started in 2004, 18 months


Hong Kong Metro

Real-time monitoring during the construction of the Hong Kong rapid rail transit network

Hong Kong, China

Started in 1999, ongoing

London underground Bond Street upgrade

Structural, Geotechnical and Environmental Monitoring during Station Upgrade
London, UK
Started in 2011, 06 months

Northgate Link Extension Seattle

Monitoring the 3.6 miles of the 21-feet diameter twin tunnels of the Northgate Link Extension
Seattle, USA
Started in 2013, 36 months

Paris Metro Line 14 extension

Automatic structural and geotechnical monitoring during underground construction works
Paris, France
Started in 2016, ongoing

Rennes Metro Project

Environmental monitoring noise and vibration
Rennes, France
Started in 2014, 48 months

South Toulon Tunnel

Ground, structure and environment monitoring during the construction of a road tunnel in an urban area

Toulon, France

Started in 2007, 53 months

SR 99 Tunnel – Alaskan way viaduct replacement

Global monitoring system for a 1,8 mile-tunnel in downtown Seattle

Seattle, USA

Started in 2012, 36 months

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