Air, water and
soil pollution

Your issues

Communities are more environmentally conscious and demanding.

Our added value

SIXENSE Soldata offers a comprehensive range of detection, integrated monitoring and modeling solutions to the environment ecosystem, including world class consultancy for noise, vibration and air quality related issues.

Our services

  • Noise, air, water, soil pollution monitoring

  • Structure integrity (deformation) monitoring

Main references

South Toulon tunnel – noise impact study

South Toulon Tunnel
Construction noise impact study
Toulon, France
Started in 2007

British Museum – Environment

Noise and vibration management at the British Museum during piling works

Started in 2011, 5 months

London underground Bond Street upgrade

Structural, Geotechnical and Environmental Monitoring during Station Upgrade
London, UK
Started in 2011, 06 months

Crossrail – Noise, vibration and dust consulting services

Consultancy and monitoring
London, UK
Started in 2011, 72 months

Rennes Metro Project

Environmental monitoring noise and vibration
Rennes, France
Started in 2014, 48 months

Budapest metro

Budapest Metro Line 4
Detection and monitoring during the construction of the metro line 4: Geophysics, geotechnics, structural monitoring, hydrology, noise and vibration measurements.

Budapest, Hungary
Started in 2006, 60 months

Sagarada Familia, Tunnel AVE

Automatic topographic and vibration monitoring of the cathedral during tunnel construction

Barcelona, Spain

Started in 2009, 24 months


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