Panama SIXENSE monitors the Borinquen 1E Dam on the Panama Canal

The Borinquen 1E Dam is part of the Panama Canal expansion project being delivered by the owner, Autoridad del Canal de Panama (ACP).

The project was awarded to the Consortium FCC-ICA-MECO, who subcontracted SIXENSE and Rodio Swissboring to provide and install sensors along the dam, as well as an Automatic Data Acquisition System.

The Borinquen 1E is a 2.4 km dam and the longest one in the expansion of the Canal. It will separate the two adjacent canals. The difference of water level between these channels is 9 meters in this area.

SIXENSE carried out the supply and installation of sensors, which included vibrating wire piezometers, settlement sensors, survey monuments, a multipoint piezometer, GPS antennas and accelerometers.

At eight locations along the dam, sensors were connected to automatic datalogging systems that stored and transmitted acquired data from the sensors via radio to ACP’s main office.

In addition to issuing operating and maintenance manuals for the sensors and ADAS system, a 5 days course was provided to ACP’s staff to train them in the management of the instrumentation.

It is hoped that the next step will be to install our Geoscope 7 software in ACP’s office in the near future.

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