Real-time integration
of monitoring data

Less Data, More information

Geoscope is the information hub of every project we manage. Its data management is tailored to suit our clients’ sector specific requirements. The platform is particularly well-suited to projects where different types of data is being consolidated for analysis.

Main features

Real-time data processing

Geoscope provides monitoring data in real-time, using a powerful and versatile data-reduction engine.

Dynamic integration of information from third parties

With the possibility to integrate data whatever the source or the format is, Geoscope can manage data from existing monitoring systems deployed by third parties.

Far–reaching cross-data alarm management

Advanced automatic alarm systems can be configured, allowing real-time alarms for a close follow-up of your project’s critical parameters.

Specific interfaces

We configure a specific interface for each stakeholder in order to provide them with the most relevant information.

Animated contour lines and 3D displacements

Geoscope provides a clear and user-friendly interface for an easier interpretation of geotechnical and structural phenomena.

Cloud, desktop and mobile solutions

In addition to the classic desktop configuration, the mobile version of Geoscope makes your data readily available at any time & any place on your smartphone or tablet.

Whatever the size of your organisation or sites, Geoscope is a scalable solution that will follow the expansion of your sites and operations. The 200+ installations performed every year range from under 100 points of data to more than one million per day.  All data is processed to deliver reliable alarm(s) and ready-to-use information.

Main references

4 Hillslides in Hong Kong

Real-time monitoring for landslides mitigation

Hong Kong, China

Started in 2006, 36 months

British Museum – Environment

Noise and vibration management at the British Museum during piling works

Started in 2011, 5 months

BHP Billiton, Mt Whaleback

Development of a single user platform for all monitoring data in an iron ore mine

Started in 2013, ongoing.

Codelco Mines

Integration and unification of the geotechnical monitoring system to Geoscope at the mine of Chuquicamata

Started in 2012, ongoing

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