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scientific buildings

Your Issues

Maximizing safety
Minimizing down-time
Mmproving asset efficiency
Prolonging asset life-expectancy

Our added value

SIXENSE Soldata offers a comprehensive range of detection, integrated monitoring and modeling solutions to the civil engineering and construction  ecosystem throughout the entire life cycle of a project from pre-design phase through to decommissioning.

Our services

  • Structural monitoring
  • Noise, dust and odour pollution

  • Structure integrity monitoring (Sub-millimetric references system)

Main references

Andra Bure underground laboratory

Monitoring network of geo-scientific experiments regarding future nuclear waste storage

Bure Mause / Haute-Marne France

Started in 2001, ongoing.

Ajka alumina factory – Red sludge reservoir

Real-time monitoring of the reservoir in anticipation of future movements of the dam
Devecser, Hungary
Started in 2010, 3 months

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