Your issues

Maximizing safety
Minimizing down-time
Improving asset efficiency
Prolonging asset life-expectancy

Our added value

Through collaboration, SIXENSE Soldata provides an integrated monitoring service to address the specific requirements identified during construction and throughout the entire lifecycle of a dam project right from  pre-design  through to operation and maintenance phases.

Our services

  • Geotechnical, Structural and Environmental monitoring solutions

  • Dam behaviour : strain and leakage monitoring,
  • Visual inspection follow-up

Main references

Atazar Dam, Canal de Isabel II

Deformation measurement using sliding micrometers within the dam
Madrid, Spain
Started in 2010, 24 months

Big Tujunga Dam

Real-time monitoring of the historic dam during compensation grouting
Tujunga, CA, USA
Started in 2012

Boadella Dam

Improvement and Expansion of the Boadella Dam’s monitoring system
Damius, Spain
Started in 2007, 3 months

De Ribeiradio-Ermida Dam

Supply, installation and auscultation during the construction stage of the dam’s system Ribeiradio-Ermida
Oporto, Portugal
Started in 2010, 36 months

Development of Sault-Brénaz

Leak detection: measurement of the conductivity of water and tracer dyes
Sault-Bréaz, France
Started in 2011, 1 month

Dover Dam

Automatic Monitoring of 86 existing Cracks in 1935 Dam Gallery
Dover, USA
Started in 2011, 12 months

La Aceña dam

Monitoring system combining theodolite and laser scanner
Avila, Spain
Started in 2009, 24 months

NZILO 2 – Hydroelectric dam project

Geophysical survey using Seismic Refraction and Down-Hole methods
Kinnshasa, Congo
Started in 2013, 1 month

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