Cyclops & Centaur

24/7 on-ground
3D geodetic

SIXENSE Soldata is a global specialist in movement monitoring. Our measures are automatic and allow for the control of ground- and structure-related risks. Our innovative geodetic solutions allow for automatic and real-time monitoring of structures and surfaces.

Our Cyclops and Centaur systems remotely measure movements of structures in 3D with millimetric precision. Our applications also lend themselves to the accurate measure of groups of theodolites installed in areas of expected movement.

Main features

Sub-millimetric precision

Displacement rate precision of 0.6mm + 1ppm. Capture of any deformation pattern: slow or fast, regular or non-linear on prisms of up to several hundred metres.

Enhanced 3D rendering

3D measurement of all types of movements and deformations using Soldata driver algorithms.

Optical prism or targetless

The option to include optical prisms or to be targetless, depending on the environment system of the project.

Networked operations

Our patented evolution module enables several Cyclops operating on a single network, dramatically improving coverage area and accuracy.

Mobile configuration

Portable configuration,

integrated power supply and data transmission module,

Autonomous operations and quick possible relocations.

Works with all stations vendors

Our Cyclops solution is compatible with any station vendors: Leica, Sokkia, Topcon, Trimble etc.


Main references

SR 99 Tunnel – Alaskan way viaduct replacement

Global monitoring system for a 1,8 mile-tunnel in downtown Seattle

Seattle, USA

Started in 2012, 36 months

Barcelona Metro Line 9

600 Cyclops positions on the new 40 km long metro line with 43 stations constructed by a single 12 metre diametre. TBM

Barcelona, Spain

Started in 2008, 108 months

Hong Kong Metro

Real-time monitoring during the construction of the Hong Kong rapid rail transit network

Hong Kong, China

Started in 1999, ongoing

The Louvre – Department of Islamic Art

Monitoring of the Cour Visconti and Daru aisle at the Louvre Museum during complete renovation of the Department of Islamic Art

Paris, France

Started in 2009, 18 months

The Shard of glass

Real-time structural monitoring during skyscraper construction

London, UK

Started in 2008, 48 months

South Toulon Tunnel

Ground, structure and environment monitoring during the construction of a road tunnel in an urban area

Toulon, France

Started in 2007, 53 months

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