Ground motion
monitoring from space

Satellite radar

Atlas is our advanced processing chain for analyzing InSAR (Interferometric synthetic aperture radar) images taken from space over time to detect deformations over  days or even years.

We provide both ground motion measurements and mapping solutions with specific characteristics.

Atlas technology can be applied to all projects and assets which require geotechnical and structural risk management on large scale.

Main features

Millimetric precision

Displacement rate precision of less than 1 mm/year. Capture of any deformation pattern: slow or fast, regular or non linear, from millimetres to several metres per year.

High density of points

Permanent scatterers are dense natural reflectors (> 10 000 / km2) in urbanized zones like cities. Distributed scatterers are natural reflectors on roads or open countryside. Artificial reflectors can be installed to add measurement points.

Coverage of very large areas

Monitoring over extensive (around 50 sq. kms), including zones inaccessible to vehicles.

Works with all radar satellites

Based on your project location and conditions, we select the most appropriate satellite services. Results are integrated into GeoscopeTM, our web-based GIS Platform.

Regular updates

In 2016, we aim to deliver one image per week for each area. SAR images are not impeded by cloud coverage and can be taken at night.

Retroactive detection

Historical deformation studies can go back as far as 1992 using archive radar images.

During urban construction projects (ie metro lines), InSAR Satellite, combined with on ground monitoring, is a real added value for a low cost.

Main references

Barcelona Harbour

Monitoring of the Port of Barcelona by InSAR (Interferometric synthetic aperture radar)

Barcelona, Spain

Started in 2008, 18 months

Port of Brest

Settlement measurements at the military port of Brest by Satellite Radar Interferometry using artificial reflectors

Brest, France

Started in 2005, 25 months

SR 99 Tunnel – Alaskan way viaduct replacement

Global monitoring system for a 1,8 mile-tunnel in downtown Seattle

Seattle, USA

Started in 2012, 36 months


Monitoring of the London Crossrail project by INSAR (Interferometric synthetic aperture radar)

London, UK

Started in 2015, 24 months

Bucharest Metro Line 5

Geodetic, geotechnical, structural, hydro-geological and environmental detection and monitoring services during the construction of the Line 5

Bucharest, Romania

Started in 2011, 63 months

A89 motorway

Monitoring of motorway embankments by Atlas, Soldata’s satellite radar Interferometry (InSAR) solution

Lyon, France

Started in 2012, 24 months

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