Seattle Bridge monitoring with our feet in the water

Geotechnical and vibration monitoring for the West Approach Bridge North Project

SIXENSE started, in September 2014, performing geotechnical instrumentation for the SR 520 – West Approach Bridge North Project in Seattle, WA. The West Approach Bridge North Pro­ject is part of the SR520 Bridge Repla­cement and HOV Program.
When completed in 2017 it will re­place the existing west approach bridge, which is vulnerable to a catas­trophic earthquake and will connect the new SR520 floating bridge (the longest floating bridge being built in the world) to the Montlake area in Seattle.
The instrumentation program consists of installing 6 automatic total stations to monitor displacements of the existing SR520 Bridge and 22 vibration monitors at the existing bridge and adjacent on-land residential structures to monitor vibration levels.
The main challenge for this project is to install most of the instruments off-land without a sustained power source. SIXENSE successfully provides a solution using Cyclops, our patented total station grouping technology to remotely control and manage 6 robotic total stations installed on special supports right above the water.
Our latest vibration monitors are installed on the pier caps of the existing bridge and are powered by solar panels delivering continuous vibration data with 1 minute interval.
Real-time data acquisition and management service are provided to our client through the Geoscope web portal for assessing the immediate influence from the construction activities.
Our Cyclops would soon make a unique view among thousands of blooming lotus in the coming year.



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