Mexico City Trial excavation at New Mexico City International Airport

The terminal building of the future New Mexico City Internatio­nal Airport (NAICM) requires a balanced foundation. The soil of the excavation area is composed of extremely soft and compressible clays. Although there have been successful excavations in Lake Texcoco, none of them have been as extensive as the one required for Terminal NAICM.

For the above reasons, it was considered necessary to perform a test excavation, with the objective of measuring ground movements and water pressures under and around the trial excavation. These works were awarded to CIMESA, which subcontracted SIXENSE for geotechnical and topographical instrumen­tation during the test excavation and installation of an automatic data acquisition and display.

Within the contracted work, supply and installation of instrumentation equipment such as SAA, vibrating wire piezometers and Cyclops system is performed. All instruments are automated and all results are displayed on Geoscope.

After the installation, data transmission and sensor configura­tion and final checking operations, this monitoring system will be operational during 6 months.


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