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Risk analysis, geophysical and geotechnical surveys

SIXENSE Geophysics is a specialised applied geophysics consultancy. Our survey control measures provide optimal information about the geological structures.


Heritage, city & region

Transportation infrastructure

Water, energy & industry


20+ years of experience

15+ experts

20+ methods

ISO 9001


Our approach

Our added value

We are a leading provider of subsurface geophysics solutions for the detection and diagnostic of underground cavities, the monitoring of structures and borehole investigations. We carry out measurement, processing and interpretation of data, provide recommendations and offer consultancy services.


Our methods

  • Ground penetrating radar
  • Seismic
  • Electro magnetism
  • Electric current
  • Gravimetry or Gravimetric analysis?
  • Magnetism
  • Temperature



special application of the Electric Cylinder method developed and patented for Jet grouting control.

Electric cylinder

3D investigation around a borehole based on the recording and processing of potential differences generated by the induced electrical current around the borehole.

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Main references

Gdansk Harbour Tunnel

Geotechnical montoring during TBM drives
Gdansk, Poland
Started in 2013, 13 months

High-pressure gas pipeline passing under the Adour river

Geophysical investigations – Electrical Resistivity Tomography, Electrical Sounding and Seismic Refraction
Bernac – Debat, France
Started in 2014, 1 month

NZILO 2 – Hydroelectric dam project

Geophysical survey using Seismic Refraction and Down-Hole methods
Kinnshasa, Congo
Started in 2013, 1 month

Drinking water pipeline under the Rance

Geophysical investigation – Electrical tomography and surveys
Pleurtuit, France
Started in 2015, 1 month

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