Monaco Seabed settlement measurements for the Monaco Offshore Urban Extension Project

The Principality of Monaco has launched a new sea-based urbanisation project involving the creation of an eco-district occupying some 6-hectars of reclaimed sea-land and endeavouring to pursue sustainable development whilst protecting the environment.

Bouygues Travaux Publics, the successful bidder for this 2 billion euro mega project, first asked SIXENSE Soldata to carry out of the detailed design of the seabed monitoring system. The aim is to monitor seabed settlement during the installation of the embankments that will constitute the platform for the reclaimed land.

Bouygues TP, pleased with SIXENSE Soldata’s work during the first phase, is now asking SIXENSE Soldata to select and provide the settlement gauges that will be installed on the seabed and to provide technical assistance during the installation process. The equipment is verified at the Aix-en-Provence agency before being sent to site. It is crucial that the sensors and the armoured marine cable be checked with great precision and re-checked prior to being loaded onto the barge. Once out at sea, any repair work or modifications would be highly complicated, costly or even impossible. Cable length is checked using the Time Domain Reflectometry technique (the TDR technique is typically used by telecommunication companies to check underground or underwater cables).

SIXENSE Soldata is delighted to be back into completing more marine and submarine projects, after the work performed these past years at the ports of Barcelona, Brest, Matagorda and Marseille, etc.

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