Paris Metro line 14, the first step towards the Grand Paris Express

The extension of line 14 to the North is the first step of the immense Grand Paris Express project of the French capital. The contracting authorities RATP/STIF and the project management provided by SYSTRA are in charge of the project, with the objective of relieving the traffic congestion on the line 13, which has now reached its maximum capacity.

The JV BOUYGUES / SOLETANCHE BACHY / BESSAC has been awarded the contract for the tunnelling on 2210 m from Clichy-Saint-Ouen to Pleyel (rue Marcel Cachin, St-Denis), with an estimated completion date in 2017 and line opening in 2019.

SIXENSE Soldata is in charge of the monitoring of the project, where tunnelling is being carried out in a soil essentially composed of Beauchamp sand. The highly urbanised area requires significant surveillance of the buildings and the areas where the tunnel is being bored. Our instrumentation is composed of a high variety of solutions, 20 Cyclops along the route, inclinometers, strain gauges, vibration sensors and piezometers. A permanent team is mobilised on site in order to prepare and manage the monitoring system during the tunnel boring and the construction of the stations. The first shot of the TBM is in progress between the Glarner and Pleyel structures.

One of the highlights of the monitoring is the follow-up of the movements in the RER C rapid metro line. The instrumentation deployed by Soldata allows an optimised reinforcing of the RER C tunnel structure, as well as the injections beneath the apron in order to mitigate the risk of settlement of the existing structure.

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