British Columbia Landslide monitoring by Cyclops

The Lillooet Slide is a single AMTS project setup on a remote section of Highway 99 in British Columbia. SIXENSE is monitoring the H-Piles of a retaining wall for a 100 meter section of the Canadian National railroad tracks. This area has been subject to significant landslides over the years that had originated below the highway and has now worked up the slope towards the train tracks. The highway was realigned back in 1989 to deal with damage from the slide. The movement has accelerated in the more recent years to the order of 3 – 6 mm/day near the tracks. AGRA Foundations and Nicholson Construction are working to stabilize the slide.

The setup for this project had many unique issues. Due to the large area and movement of the landslide the AMTS could only be setup in one location, which resulted in the monitoring targets being very close together so the heights were varied to ensure no­thing would be blocked. In addition, there were no artificial stable structures in this remote area, so references were installed on large stable rocks and spread as widely as possible.

The biggest challenge was how to transmit the data col­lected by the AMTS. Lillooet is in northern Canada and there is no cellular coverage outside of the town. So for this pro­ject SIXENSE utilized a satellite modem installation for the first time. The satellite transmits data using a Ku-band which allows for inexpensive data transfer. So far the satellite modem has wor­ked well and could be a useful option for future projects in remote locations.

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