France E-Box XL, an innovation to manage the acoustic risks of wind farms

Thanks to their active technological development, our engineers have integrated their best processes of acoustic instrumentation, data-management and communication to create the E-box XL, a “packaged” measuring tool, to match with the specific needs of long-lasting acoustic environmental measurement.

The E-box XL is particularly adapted to the study of wind turbines projects:

– Data is measured and transmitted in real time, and secured on our server “Geoscope”, taking advantage of the cutting-edge technologies developed by SIXENSE Soldata.

– Potential faults (power failures, etc…) are subject to immediate alerts, ensuring the best intervention responsiveness.

– The communication system of the E-box XL enables the transfer of data even when the 3G services is low, a common thing in rural areas.

– Instantaneous analysis of the measurement results enables the possibility of adjusting in real time the relevance of the measurement campaign: it is now possible to consider the necessity of pursuing the measurement campaign, or conversely the opportunity of suspending these measures, depending on already tested meteorological conditions.

The E-box XL is unique in comparison to other measuring systems of the market.

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