Italy CYCLOPS emergency intervention on a railway line at Ventimiglia

On Sunday, the SIXENSE Soldata teams made an extremely fast intervention to install a motorised theodolite CYCLOPS at a railway line on the outskirts of the Italian town of Ventimiglia which had been affected by subsidence. No train services were in operation on one of the lines and services were severely affected on the cross-border line serving the French town of Menton. As soon as the necessary line repair work was complete, the SNCF (French national rail company) wanted to monitor movement in real time to ensure the safety of the line before resuming all train services.

An emergency SIXENSE Soldata intervention team was mobilised over the week-end to install a complete CYCLOPS system and fully-autonomous built-in power supply module, which has become a relatively standard SIXENSE Soldata solution.

The system was implemented in collaboration with personnel from SNCF who provided a lorry to carry people and material to and from site since it was not accessible by car. Also, given the remote and mountainous nature of the site in Italy, 3G communication was somewhat difficult. Nevertheless, everything worked out very well and the system was successfully brought into operation in less than 48 hours after the first call from SNCF on a Sunday morning!

Well done to the teams for such a quick response and for truly excelling in client care.

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