London CROSSRAIL’s Chief Executive congratulates SIXENSE for the quality of our monitoring services as part of London’s mega metro project

As the construction phase of the Crossrail project is nearing completion, Simon Wright OBE, Crossrail’s Project Director, personally thanked SIXENSE for the quality of our service.

We’re pleased to share his acknowledgments. Of particular note is his reference to Contract C704, the “mega-contract” where SIXENSE was appointed at short notice to intervene and takeover the delivery, commissioning, maintenance and operation of the project-wide monitoring system installed by our competitor under contract C701. Click here to read the press release at the time.

I would like to personally thank SIXENSE and specifically the team which has, over several years supported the delivery of Crossrail. SIXENSE’s contribution through the main C704 contract, through earlier contracts within our supply chain, and through your continued support with the satellite interferometry has proved invaluable.

As we approach the opening of Crossrail, one of the unseen successes of the project has been our ability to deliver the underground spaces without any appreciable settlement impact to the infrastructure above. This has represented one of the greatest delivery risks and we are indebted to SIXENSE for your skills, experience and professionalism in supporting our project.”

Click here for the full thank you letter

SIXENSE is very proud of this success, delivered by our teams’ hard work and know-how. The appreciation reflected in Mr. Wright’s letter validates our approach to client relationships and our pursuit of excellence and ongoing research in the fields of construction related risk management and specialist engineering. It provides us with growing confidence in the success of our current projects and our commitment and contribution to successfully deliver tomorrow’s construction projects.

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