Geotechnical and structural monitoring

monitoring services

Personnalised monitoring systems

Manual and automatic measurements for all projects and assets requiring technical risk management

SIXENSE Soldata offers complex monitoring systems that are adapted to your project’s needs to measure and provide all relevant parameters: deformation, movement, inclination, strain, convergence etc.


  • Heritage, city & region
  • Transportation infrastructure
  • Water, energy & industry
  • Construction

20+ years Experience

250+ experts

350+ monitoring instruments

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

OHSAS 18001

Our approach

Monitoring system design

We carry out preliminary studies and design the monitoring system required by your project.

Instrument selection and supply

Our long term cooperation with our suppliers allows us to select the instruments best suited to your project.

Installation and configuration

Installation on site and configuration of the monitoring system by our highly skilled and experienced teams.

Monitoring and maintenance

Long term maintenance of the monitoring system by our highly committed teams.

Data management

We manage your data in real time in order to provide you with up-to-date and relevant information.


We provide reports formatted, detailed and with frequency required by your organisation.

Our added value

We are constantly striving for the same reliability in all our measurements; from manual measurements to mega-projects with thousands of sensors connected in real-time. Year after year, we transfer innovative technologies from other fields to the world of measurement. We are also continuously improving measurement reports and working methods, setting always higher standards all the time.

Main references


Monitoring of the London Crossrail project by INSAR (Interferometric synthetic aperture radar)

London, UK

Started in 2015, 24 months

EOLE (RER E) extension

Preliminary monitoring, Movement monitoring of tunnels and neighbouring structures

Paris, France

Started in 2015, 12 months

Fréjus Tunnel – Emergency Gallery

Instrumented Tunnel Sections

Modane, France

Started in 2010, 36 months


Heathrow Express Extension – Terminal 5

Monitoring of the existing express rail tunnel during construction of the new tunnel serving the brand new Terminal 5 at London Heathrow Airport

London, UK

Started in 2004, 18 months


Sagarada Familia, Tunnel AVE

Automatic topographic and vibration monitoring of the cathedral during tunnel construction

Barcelona, Spain

Started in 2009, 24 months


Amsterdam Metro Noord-Zuid Lijn

Automatic monitoring of the Amsterdam city buildings during the construction of a new subway line

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Started in 2000, 150 months


Doha Metro – Red Line North Underground

Instrumentation and Monitoring of existing structures during construction of a new underground metro line
Doha, Qatar
Started in 2014, 39 months

Grand Paris Express Project

Vibration risk assessment: construction and operation
Paris, France
Started in 2013, 60 months

Hong Kong Metro

Real-time monitoring during the construction of the Hong Kong rapid rail transit network

Hong Kong, China

Started in 1999, ongoing

Nice Tramway T2

Real-time monitoring of the tunnel and stations construction works
Nice, France
Started in 2014, ongoing

Northgate Link Extension Seattle

Monitoring the 3.6 miles of the 21-feet diameter twin tunnels of the Northgate Link Extension
Seattle, USA
Started in 2013, 36 months

Rennes Metro Project

Environmental monitoring noise and vibration
Rennes, France
Started in 2014, 48 months

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